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The writing and interview process to beCOME an assistant principal in Florida Public Schools is very rigorous. We know the process. Not only have we been through it ourselves, we sat on the interview panels for Lee County’s AP Pool. Get some prep before you go in.

AP Pool Prep Writing SEPT 19, 2018 (5-8PM)

  • Learn how to focus your writing on the subject or task.

    • Use key words necessary to showcase your leadership qualities.

    • Learn how to use the STAR method to focus your writing.

    • Be clear and concise.

  • Engage in simulated practice

    • Yes YOU will writE.

    • Yes we will critique your writing and provide specific and meaningful feedback.

AP Pool Prep - Interview Prep SEPT 26, 2018 (5-8PM)

  • Learn how to showcase your leadership qualities NOT your teaching qualities.

    • Remember, they want an administrator, not a teacher.

    • We will help you pull from 4-5 experiences that can answer all questions.

  • Learn the STAR method to keep your answers focused.

    • NO rambling. We can help you stay on track.

    • Apply this to any question you are asked in the interview.

  • Mock interviews

    • Yes, we will interview you.

    • Yes, we will provide specific and meaningful feedback.


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