What is superscoring on the ACT & SAT?

Some colleges will use a superscore, also known as a combined highest score, when looking at your ACT or SAT scores. This is to your advantage, especially if you've taken the test multiple times.

This is how superscoring works:


You take the ACT three times: Oct, Dec and Feb. And your highest scores on the subtests (English, math reading science and writing) vary. Maybe you did the best on the math section in Dec, but for all the rest of the subtests (reading, English, science and writing) your best scores were in Feb. 

A university that superscores will take your best math score in Dec and your best reading, English, science and writing scores in Feb, average them, and calculate your ACT SUPERSCORE.


You take the SAT three times: Nov, Dec and Jan. Your best reading comes from the Dec date. However, your best math and writing come from the Jan test date. 

A university that superscores will take the Dec reading and the Jan math and writing, total them, and calculate your SAT SUPERSCORE.


ACT/SAT Superscore Examples

ACT Superscore

ACT Superscore

SAT Superscore

SAT Superscore

Superscoring gives you an edge as you apply for college. We've created a guide to help you understand the superscoring process complete with a list of Florida universities that use the superscoring method. See below!

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