How to write a knock-their-socks-off college essay.

Guess what? No one loves spending time writing essays.

And no one, I mean no one, is hanging out thinking, "I can't wait to go home and write an essay for my college application! Yeah!"

No. It's not happening; I assure you.

I write essays, research papers and blogs on the daily. I have a ton of practice at it, and I don't love writing. But I follow a few rules that make it easier:

  1. Practice and you'll get better.
  2. Edit. Yep, make lots of cuts.
  3. Get to work and stop worrying about your stupid comfort zone.

"A professional writer is an amateur who didn't quit." - Richard Bach

First of all, there's no way around it - writing takes practice! The best writers write all the time, not to publish more books or get their art into the world. Most of the time, they're writing to practice.

"To write is human; to edit is divine." - Steven King

Get used to the delete button on your computer. The magic comes in the editing stage. Amazing writers cut much of their writing. In fact, I recommend you walk away from your essay for at least a day and return with a fresh perspective. And then move, fix and delete your sentences.  Fall in love with your delete button. No one wants to read an overly wordy essay.

"If I waited until I felt like writing, I'd never at all."  - Anne Tyler

Guess what? you cannot sit at your computer and wait for inspiration. You have to leave your comfort zone and write. That's it. You just have to do it. And it won't be very good. But that's what editing is for.

I've added an extra rule...

Rule #4...Download this infographic: 4 Tips on Writing a Knock-Their-Socks-Off College Essay!

You're welcome.





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