6 tips for building an amazing resume.

Sifting through a pile of lackluster documents, supposed to represent a unique and qualified individual, does not make a prospective employer happy.  There are so many other things potential employers would rather do than look at resumes. But every once in a while, a resume will stand out like a little sliver of hope, and the monotony is momentarily broken and possibility shins through.

Be that possibility by following these 6 tips for an amazing resume. 

1. Forget the objective. Don’t put an objective line at the top of your resume or anywhere on your resume for that matter. The act of sending your resume to an employer or to a college is your objective. For example, let’s say you’re sending your resume to obtain a position as a summer camp counselor. Putting the objective: to obtain a position as a camp counselor, is slightly redundant don’t you think? We get it; you want to be a camp counselor. That’s why you’re applying for the job.

2. Use words from the job description in your resume. Many companies and organizations use automated resume sorting software. Basically, a robot is most likely reading through the hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of resumes at the company where you want to work. That robot selects resumes that have key words from the job description. Only then does the resume get to the boss. So use words from the job description! For example, if the job description says they are looking for someone to organize systems or someone who is meticulous with details, put that in your resume – those exact words. Then the robot will put you in the pile for the boss to read.

3. Tailor your resume. People often make the mistake of using one resume for multiple jobs. You need a different resume for each job you are applying for. Each resume doesn’t have to be completely different. However, if you are following the tip in number two above you need different resumes with different key words. Think about the robot!

4. Have someone, other than you, proof your resume. When you are working on something for a long time, you get used to the mistakes and miss them. In fact, I have come across many resumes with silly grammar and spelling errors. Everyone makes silly grammar and spelling errors. That’s why it’s important to have someone, other than you, proof your writing – preferably, someone who knows how to spell.

5. Spend time. Don’t write your resume in one day. Let it sit for a day and go back to it. I bet you’ll find things you want to change. Time makes things better, especially writing. Give your resume a day and revisit it.

6. Be proud. When writing your resume, get into the frame of mind that you are awesome and this is your chance to show prospective employers how awesome you are. Maybe listen to Beyonce or watch your favorite home run or touchdown before you start your resume. Whatever you need to do, get pumped to show that robot you’re amazing.

One thing to remember when constructing your resume, is that resume building is a skill that must be practiced again and again. So if you’re a high school or college student, who’s just starting out, or if you’re someone getting back into the workforce after a long hiatus, these small but impactful practices go a long way when beginning the resume process.

If you need help with your resume, contact us!  We can help :)

Kathleen JasperComment