Students typically go into the ACT with a specific score in mind and dream school on the horizon. However, many fall short on their first ACT attempt. And that's perfectly normal. Students seeking big ACT scores will have to come to terms with the fact that they will probably take the test multiple times before achieving their target score.

We've found the average increase for students who took the test once and then attended formal test prep, such as Kaplan, Princeton Review or even Edge Academic Solutions, gained an average of 4 points on their composite score. While a 4 point increase may not be the full Ivy League score parents and students hope for, 4 point composite gain is huge.  We have also found that students who enroll in our test prep exceed the state and national averages for ACT composite scores.

Just to give you perspective on what an ACT score equates to, look at the table below. 

Yup that's right, a C on the ACT will get you into UF. An F on the ACT is the national average! So keep this in perspective when approaching the ACT. 

The infographic below outlines state and national ACT average scores. Take a peek!

Kathleen JasperComment