Seniors, you need to start right now.


There are a few things you must do right now, even before your official first day of school starts. Here are some tips to get your year started off right.


It's time to use some time management skills. Dates are going to start flying at you: AP testing, application deadlines, scholarship application deadlines, assignment due dates, and so much more. Use Google Calendar to organize all your important dates and deadlines. It has a great interface and it syncs with everything. Digital calendars will save your life. Put everything important in the calendar and set reminders!


Use a professional email address. is cute, but might we suggest something a little more college ready? Try to use something as close to your real name as possible. If your name is taken, try using an underscore or number. For example, is probably taken. But might not be. 

We strongly suggest getting a gmail account. Google is awesome, and your email will sync with your google calendar. Win, win.

College Apps: 

Pick 3 to 4 colleges and start the application processes now. Shoot for November  1st to get all your college applications in. That way you go into Thanksgiving and Christmas break having finished everything you need for the college admissions process. 


If you do not yet have the score you want or need, you should already be signed up for the fall ACT or SAT. Plan on taking it more than once. For the fall:

  • The SAT will be administered on Oct. 1, Nov. 5 and Dec. 3. (Put these dates in your Google calendar!) 
  • The ACT will be administered on Sept 10, Oct. 22 and Dec. 10. (Put these dates in your Google calendar!)

We have weekly ACT prep every Thursday from 3-6 PM at our offices.

To sign up click the button below!


Online Apps:

Start the online application process now! You will be required to create usernames and passwords for all online applications. For the schools you are interested in, begin the application process by creating profiles for each school. Keep the usernames and passwords the same for everything. 


There are so many scholarships out there. People want to give students money! Start applying for scholarships today. Too often money goes unused because no one applied.  

Get Help:

Reach out to experts. We've helped hundreds of students achieve their academic and postsecondary goals. Call us or email us. 

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