Good words and phrases to help you find the correct answers on the K6 exam.


When approaching the FTCE K6 exam, be on the lookout for “good words” you will see in the CORRECT answer choices. Here are few words and phrases that will help you slay the K6 exam:

Differentiated – Meeting every student where he or she is and tailoring instruction to meet the needs of every student.

Short- and long-term goals – Setting benchmarks so students are guided and motivated to achieve.

Measurable objectives – Setting small goals throughout the lesson and academic year that can be measured and used to drive instructional decisions.

State standards – Using standards to plan instruction. If the answer choice has the words “state standards” in it, 99.99999% of the time it is your correct answer.

Alignment to the state standards – Making sure instruction and lesson plans are in step with the standards. The state wants to know that you will be a good soldier of the state; that means using the standards in every step of the way.

Specific – Being strategic in how you approach instruction. You can’t just through a blanket over gaps in learning and hope for the best. Specific strategies to meet the needs of each student is essential.

Targeted –Finding the learning deficits in your students and targeting interventions based on what each student needs.

Research-based – Using educational research to guide you when making curriculum and instructional decisions.

Choice – Giving students choice in what they read, learn, or engage in.

Interest – Using student interest to drive decisions.

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