GKT Essay made easy with this formula.

The GKT essay is easy once you understand this writing formula and, of course, practice. You will be given two prompts to choose from. Pick the one that you can write to the easiest. Use the following technique.

1. Take a position. 

It is easier to write when you pick on position over another. Yes, most of us are in the middle on many issues. But when writing and essay for time, you are better off to pick one side or the other.

2. Map a plan.

Use the dry erase board the test center provides to map your essay. This will help you stay organized and concise. Don't spend a ton of time on mapping; just get something down you can follow as you type the essay.

3. Keep it organized.

Organization is KEY when trying to gain points on the essay. Readers—the people grading your essay—do not want to go around the world to figure out what you’re talking about. This is how your GKT essay should be organized:

Now let's put all of this together.

Detail Paragraph 1: Only talk about reducing crime:

  • When students are in school, they are off the streets. 
  • When students are in school, they are working towards an education and staying out of trouble. 
  • In a recent study, 85% of students who were not enrolled in school had committed a crime. (Yes this is a fake stat, but it works!)
  • Children are susceptible to gang activity when not enrolled in school.

Detail Paragraph 2: Makes society stronger

  • Educated children become part of the community.
  • They are involved with school activities and functions.
  • Sports, clubs, community service.
  • In a recent study, 75% of students who were enrolled in school participated in community service. (Yes this is a fake stat, but it works!)

Conclusion: Restate the intro. Quickly restate your position.

  • Call to action: Everyone should protect our children by allowing all students to attend school, regardless of citizenship.  

Advantage and disadvantage prompts are the EASIEST because the first detail paragraph can be all about the advantages and the second detail paragraph can be all about the disadvantage. For example:


Technology has become an asset in the classroom. Teachers now have access to digital resources like never before. Technology can also create challenges for teachers and students. Before choosing technology for their classrooms, teachers must evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of technology.

Detail Paragraph 1: Advantages

  • Makes life easier
  • Ebooks can store many books in one device.
  • Students can watch virtual tours of ancient cities. 
  • In a recent study, students who used technology were 75% more likely to score proficient on their reading tests than those who did not use technology.

Detail Paragraph 2: Disadvantages

  • Students can become distracted by technology.
  • Students can become addicted to technology.
  • Teachers have to compete with the latest technology when they should be teaching.
  • Online bullying.
  • In a recent study 45% of students said they have been bullied online.


A good way to close an advantage vs disadvantage prompt is to offer a solution or a balance between the two. 

Practice Practice Practice: There is no silver bullet. If you want to get better, you have to read more and you have to write more. 

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