How to Pass the Praxis Early Childhood 5025 Test

If you are trying to become an early childhood teacher (prekindergarten through 3rd-grade), you will most likely have to pass the The Praxis Early Childhood 5025 test. This blog will help you understand the structure of the exam, calculate a passing score for the exam, study for the exam, and obtain free and paid resources available for the exam. 

How is the Praxis 5025 structured?

The Praxis Early Childhood 5025 tests your knowledge in 5 content categories:

  1. Language and Literacy
  2. Math
  3. Social Studies
  4. Science
  5. Health and Physical Education, Creative and Performing Arts.

There are 120 selected response (that means multiple choice) questions, with most of the questions coming from the Language and Literacy and Math sections of the exam. Those two content categories make up 55% of the test.

What is a passing score on the Praxis 5025?

The passing score for the Praxis Early Childhood 5025 is a 156. Iowa's passing score is a 152. The good news is, a 156 is attainable with a little test prep and strategy. 

How many questions do I have to get right to pass the Praxis 5025?

Because some questions are worth more than others, there is not a straight forward answer to this question; however, we can provide a little guidance here. To get a score of 156, you need to approximately 70 out of 120 correct. We say approximately because some questions are straight multiple choice while others are choose all that apply (more than one correct answer). Choose all that apply questions are worth more points than regular multiple choice. FYI, you will get very few choose all that apply questions. Getting a 70 out of 120 puts you at a 158 if all the questions are regular multiple choice. We recommend getting at least 75 out of 120, which will put you in the safe zone of an approximate score of 162. The good news is, you can miss 45-50 questions and still get the passing score. That's an F, so relax. You don't need an A, B, C or even a D on this exam. You can fail and still pass.

How do you calculate a passing score on the Praxis 5025?

This is tricky because some questions are worth more than others. However, on a straight multiple choice test, you can calculate approximately by using the method below. 

  • Step one: Calculate your raw score: correct/incorrect.
    • For example, 78/120 = 0.65
  • Step two: Turn your raw score into a percentage.
    • For example, 78/120 = 0.65 or 65%
  • Step three: Add 100 to the percentage and drop the %.
    • For example, 65% becomes 165.

How do I study for the Praxis 5025?

The most important thing you can do is use the Praxis 5025 Study Companion that ETS (the company that makes the test) develops. This contains the blueprint and test specifications. Understanding the structure and content is key, and this document has everything. 

Here is a video on how to use the Praxis Study Companion. The methods in this video will help you with any Praxis Test.

We also have a free webinar for the Praxis 5025 that comes with a free study guide and practice test. In this webinar, we go through the structure of the exam and specific test questions. You can access the webinar by clicking the link below and registering using your email. Once you do that, we will send you the study guide, practice test, and webinar link. 

Free webinar with study guide and practice test

What other resources should I use for the exam?

Along with our free webinar, we have two paid options to help you study for this test: a study guide and an online course.

Study Guide - The NavaED Early Childhood 5025 study guide is extremely comprehensive and will help you prepare for the exam. The guide covers everything in a way that is easy to understand. We also show you tips and tricks to think like a test maker not a test taker so you can pass the test the first time you take it. It has over 200 practice test questions organized by content category. It is complete test prep for the Praxis 5025.

The study guide comes 2 ways (both contain the exact same content):

Online Course - The NavaED Early Childhood 5025 online course comes with the digital study guide (you do not have to buy both) and contains videos, visual elements, and extra practice for the exam. The online course is for people who like to watch videos and interact with their learning. For people who like to listen to their course while they walk, drive, or clean the house, there is also an audio course option available in the online course. The Praxis 5025 online course is complete test prep and more.

I'm stressed about the exam. What can I do?

We understand these exams can be very stressful. The best thing you can do is give yourself enough time to prepare. Read through the study companion and access either the free or paid resources mentioned above. Stressing out will not serve you when trying to pass any test. Believe in yourself like you believe in your students and prepare.

You can do this. We know you will crush it and be a full-time teacher helping students do the same. 


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