How to pass the Praxis II Elementary Education Test | 5001 | 5002 | 5003 | 5004 | 5005

The Praxis 5001 is a multiple subject test broken down into four subcategory test areas. The total amount of time allotted for this test is 4.25 hours, and it is delivered on the computer. Test questions are comprised of selected-response and numeric entry. You will be provided with an on-screen scientific calculator for the test.

Parts of the Praxis 5001

The Praxis 5001 is a test that is made of four different subtests. The purpose of this test is to ensure that you have the skills and knowledge required to teach the covered subjects at the elementary level. The test is designed to support your general elementary license.

5002: Reading and Language Arts

The Reading and Language Arts portion of the Praxis 5001 comprises two sections – reading and writing, speaking, and listening. You will get 90 minutes to complete these selected-response questions, approximately 38 for reading and 42 for writing, speaking, and listening, for a total of 80 questions total.

5003: Mathematics Categories

The Mathematics Categories section consists of 50 questions that are a mixture of numeric entry and selected response. Of these 50 questions, approximately 20 are reserved for numbers and operations, 15 for algebraic thinking, and 15 for geometry and measurement, data, statistics, and probability. You will receive 65 minutes to complete this section. You will be allowed to use an on-screen scientific calculator during this section of the test.

5004: Social Studies Categories

The Social Studies test is a 60-minute selected-response test with a total of 60 questions. These questions are broken down into three sections of subject matter – United States history, government, and citizenship (27 questions); geography, anthropology, and sociology (18 questions); and world history and economics (15 questions).

5005: Science Categories

For the Science subtest, you are allowed 60 minutes to complete 55 selected-response questions. You will also be provided with the same on-screen scientific calculator that you used during the mathematics portion of the test. 17 to 18 of the questions will be centered around earth science, 18 to 19 questions of life science, and 18 to 19 questions about physical science.

Where to Start a Praxis 5001 Study Plan

You want to give yourself the best possible chance of passing the Praxis 5001. NavaED wants to help you with the tools you need to do this. If you are looking to refresh yourself on the information, check out our webinar – Elementary Education Multiple Subjects 5001, led by Kathleen Jasper, Ed.D.

To gain access to the webinar and free resources, fill out the form on the right-hand side of the page. Once you sign-up, you will get the two-hour previously recorded webinar and an abbreviated version of our study guide, all for FREE!

The ETS Praxis Study Companion: Elementary Education Multiple Subjects (5001)

The makers of the Praxis test provide a document study companion for the Praxis 5001, as well as all the other Praxis tests you may be required to take. The document covers everything you will see in your exam, including the areas you need to study before your test. The best part is that they include practice test questions with detailed answer explanations.

This study companion also provides you with the same exam language you will encounter on the test, the content, and the concepts all laid out for you to study.

NavaED Praxis 5001 Resources

Besides the free webinars, NavaED provides teachers with the resources that help you pass the Praxis 5001 test. This test is not a hard test, but it is full of information about every subject you need for an elementary education profession.

NavaED Courses – NavaED has an all-inclusive course covering the Praxis 5001 as a whole, covering all four subtest sections. If you don’t need to take a course on all of the subtests, you can focus on the one or two subjects you find yourself struggling the most with.

NavaED Study Guides – NavaED has the study guides you need to pass your Praxis 5001. You can get a physical book or interactive PDF, whichever accommodates your specific learning style. Just like your students, NavaED knows that teachers don’t all learn the same way.

Learn What the Praxis 5001 Test Covers

Whether you use the ETS study companion or take NavaED’s comprehensive courses, you need to have an idea of what information is going to be covered on your tests. Yes, that is plural, because you aren’t just taking one test, you are taking four tests.

One of the best tools you can use is a practice test. When you take a practice test, you can identify what areas you need to study and how in-depth you need to study them. Once you know the subject areas you need the most help with, you can create your study plan and hit the books.

Create Your Study Plan

Time is a valuable thing, especially when you have just graduated. You are trying to get your certification to teach in your state, but you know you need to study and get a testing date. We recommend giving yourself no less than two weeks of study time before your testing date.

The Praxis 5001 is not a test you can go to and guess your way to a passing score. You will need to put in study time, even if you think you know the material. Here is an example of a study plan:


Week 1

Week 2


Practice Test #1 – Take a practice test to find out what areas need the most studying.

(focus the upcoming days on the areas within the subtests that need the most work.

5002- Reading and Language Arts


5002- Reading and Language Arts






5004-Social Studies

5004-Social Studies






Practice Test #3 – Narrow down what you need to review at this time, before your test.


Practice Test #2 – See how your studying has improved your scores.

Try using a different practice test.

Review all subject areas


Don't give up!

Lots of people have to take this test multiple times. Yes, it is an Elementary Education test. However, it is not easy. So give yourself a break if you need multiple attempts to pass. You can do it. We believe in you.