Pass the Praxis Special Education exam easily with our test-taking strategies and study tips.

People often contact us and ask, “How hard is the Praxis Special Education test?”

It can seem like a daunting task, but we have some tips and strategies that will help you prepare for the test and increase your chances of passing the first time you take it. And if you’ve taken it before, no worries. These strategies will help you pass the next time. In this blog we will discuss the Praxis Special Education tests 5354 and 5543. 

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Here are 9 strategies to help you crush the Praxis Special Education Exam.

  1. Download the Praxis Special Education Study Companion. This tool includes information about the content categories and test specifications for the exam. Click the links below to access the special education study companions.
  2. Read the test specifications in the study companions and recognize and memorize words associated with the exam. We call these good words. Some examples include inclusion, least restrictive environment, assistive technology, routines, and procedures.
  3. Watch our Good Words Bad Words video on our YouTube channel and learn how to identify correct answer choices and eliminate incorrect answer choices quickly and efficiently. We’ve helped many teachers pass with this strategy.
  4. Go through the study companion’s practice test questions and use our work backwards technique: read the answer choices first, eliminate bad answers, zero in on good words, then read the question stem. We have a video for that too: Work Backwards.
  5. Go to the study topics section at the end of the study companion and work through the discussion questions. The guiding questions in this part of the study companion are AMAZING because they go beyond simply requiring you to memorize content for the test. Instead, these questions help you think critically about the questions on the exam. In the special education study companions, the study topics are on page 28 for the Praxis 5354 and page 31 for the Praxis 5543.
  6. Purchase the NavaED study guide. Yes, we are tooting our own horn here because we’ve built an extremely comprehensive study guide for the exam. Our study guides help you think like a test maker and pass your exam the first time. It also has relevant practice test questions similar to what you will see on test day.
  7. Watch our Praxis Special Education Playlist on our YouTube channel. These videos will help you with the multiple choice and the writing section (5543) parts of the exams. Don’t forget to subscribe!
  8. Study incrementally rather than all at once. Break the test up into chunks and work a little bit each day. This helps to keep your head in the exam without getting overwhelmed or burned out.
  9. Go easy on yourself. The Praxis exams are difficult. Take the time you need and try not to stress. You will pass. 
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