Understanding your Praxis Score

Praxis tests are designed to assess a teacher candidate’s knowledge and skills in the subjects that she plans to reach. They are pass/fail and used for educator licensing and certification processes in many states, including Florida.

The most common version is the Praxis Core test. It is divided into three sections—reading, writing, and math—and gives you between 85 and 100 minutes per section to answer questions or write an essay. You can also take Praxis Subject Assessment tests in more than 90 disciplines, depending on your licensing agency’s requirements and what you plan to teach.  

Most people will receive their Praxis scores within a week to a month after taking it. When you receive a Praxis score report, it will include the following information:

  • Your scaled score (and whether you passed)
  • The range of scores from all test takers for this test version
  • The total raw points possible in each category
  • The middle 50% range of raw scores for all test takers
  • The highest score you have earned on each Praxis test you’ve taken in the past decade

It’s possible to take Praxis tests multiple times. You can compare your raw points earned to the test’s total possible points to learn where to focus your energy for improving on your next attempt.

What Are the Best Praxis Score Passing Scores?

Now for the complicated part, understanding what scores you need to pass Praxis tests. There are no definitive passing scores, as each state and agency sets its own standard, and each test’s raw score is weighted differently.

Saying that, all Praxis tests are scored the same way. Each correct selected-response question is worth one raw point. Constructed-response questions, like essays, are scored by trained educational professionals. Two scorers will independently rate each of your written responses, and a third will weigh in if their views don’t align.

These section scores are combined to give you a total raw score. Most Praxis test categories include a possible score range from 100-200 points.

Note that this raw score doesn’t indicate whether you passed or failed the test. Instead, it is converted to a scaled score that is adjusted for the difficultly of your specific test. In other words, a low raw score on a test version that’s considered more difficult could become a higher scaled score than a higher raw score on an “easier” version of another test.

These scaled adjustments mean you can compare scores between different tests, but not between sections of the same test. For example, a scaled 150 in Core Mathematics reflects the same amount of knowledge no matter the version of the test you take, but you can’t compare it to a 150 in Core Reading.

Let NavaED Help You Get Praxis Score Passing Scores

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Through these resources, you’ll soon learn how to think like a test maker, not just a test taker.

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