FTCE General Knowledge Math Practice Test

The General Knowledge Math Test (GK math) has approximately 40 problems. You will have 1 hour and 40 min to complete this test. To pass the GK Math, you must get 72% of the questions correct. That means you need 29 out of 40 questions correct; you can miss 11 questions on the GK math and pass. The GK math has 4 main competencies:

(1) number sense, concepts and operations

(2) geometry and measurement

(3) algebraic thinking and the coordinate plane

(4) probability, statistics, and data interpretation

It is important that you do not underestimate this exam. There will be problems on slope intercept, Pythagorean Theorem, and other complex math concepts you may not have practiced in a while. Be prepared by using the right study material. 

NavaED FTCE GK Math Resources

Our resources will help you build your skills so you can be successful on the FTCE General Knowledge Math Test. We have built the most effective study guides, webinars, and online courses for this exam. 

Study Guides - The NavaED GK Math study guide includes a comprehensive skills review and practice in the beginning of each competency. Our study guide also includes practice tests with detailed answer explanations organized by competency. The NavaED GK Math study guide has hundreds of practice problems. The math only study guide is available in digital form.

Online Courses - NavaED online courses include the digital versions of the study guides, skills videos for each competency in each subtest, additional practice problems, and video explanations for each practice question on the practice tests. The NavaED GK Math online course has several practice tests with detailed answer explanations organized by competency. The online course comes with the digital study guide described above.

Webinars - NavaED webinars are 2-hour previously recorded courses. They include handouts the instructor uses during the course. Webinars differ from the online courses: a webinar is a straight 2 hour course while an online course has several different videos, modules, and practice tests. 

FTCE General Knowledge Study Guides