About NavaED

Kathleen Jasper, Ed.D.

I'm Kathleen Jasper, and I'm the founder of NavaED. I started the company in 2017 around the time I was working in the college of education at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU). I also began working with those who were trying to enter the field of education as a second career. These two groups of prospective educators have one thing in common: the teacher certification exams are holding them back from entering the classroom. If you're here, you're probably experiencing this.

At first, I made one-page handouts to accompany small-group tutoring sessions I hosted at the local library. Those handouts became 300+ page study guides, and the small group tutoring sessions became online courses in both teacher and leadership certification. Now we have over 20 publications, and we serve prospective teachers and educational leaders all over the United States.

Because so many teachers needed help with their exams, we got very busy, so I asked my husband, Jeremy Jasper, to join the team. You may have seen Jeremy during his live math sessions every Tuesday night at 5PM ET on our NavaED YouTube channel or Facebook page.

Both Jeremy and I know what it's like to go through the alternative certification process. We were both career changers ourselves, and we had to complete the exams, extra course work, and all the new teacher requirements you are probably experiencing right now.

I began my education career in 2007. After a year of substitute teaching, I finally became a professionally certified high school biology and reading teacher. I had worked in the classroom for 3 years when I got an opportunity to work at the district office. This experience is what prepared me to start NavaED. I learned from the biggest testing companies in the world how to build exams because I was tasked with building science exams for the district. I was also in charge of professional development for the science department. I got to work with teachers on how to implement standards-based instruction in the classroom and how to use assessment data to drive instruction. If you ever get a chance to work at the district office in curriculum, do it.

With that curriculum experience from working in the district office, I was able to become an assistant principal at our local high school. This position allowed me to work directly with students and teachers.

Even though I loved my job as a high school AP, I wanted to go out on my own and start a business. I also wanted to help educators. After a couple of years of falling on my face, trying new things, and working as an adjunct professor at the university to make ends meet, NavaED came together. Since then, I have been working to build and grow NavaED.

We're obsessed with helping educators.

NavaED is a company built by educators for educators. We develop study guides, online courses, YouTube videos, and live webinars to help educators pass their certification exams.

We specialize in the Praxis exams, but we are developing new programs every day. We understand that most prospective teachers do not have a lot of money, so we have a ton of free and amazing resources that will help you pass your exams. You can find our study guides here on our website or on Amazon.

We're a husband and wife team based in Estero, Florida. We answer the phone and respond to emails ourselves. Many evenings, we sit at the dinner table and discuss how we should present a math problem or grammar example. I'm often yelling from my office, "Jeremy! Can you look over these questions for me?" We work tirelessly to get you the very best test prep and customer service.