NavaED is committed to designing and building the best teacher and educational leadership certification test preparation you can find. We have study guides, online courses, and free webinars for the following tests. Just click the titles below, and you will be taken to their resources page.

We are adding to this list as frequently as possible as we build new programs, so if you do not see your exam listed, check back.

Coming Soon 

  • Praxis Physical Education 5091
  • Praxis ESOL 5362

What is the difference among study guides, online courses, and webinars?

  • NavaED Study Guides – These are books that contain content and strategies for the exam. They also contain practice test questions for each content category, practice tests and detailed answer explanations organized by category. Our study guides come in physical form (mailed to you via USPS) and digital form (emailed to you immediately after purchase). IMORTANT: The physical and digital versions of each study guide are identical. 
  • NavaED Online Courses  These are comprehensive test preparation programs organized by modules that include short and long videos, practice test questions, pretests and posttests, audio course options, and the digital study guide. IMORTANT:  If you buy the digital course, you do not need to buy the corresponding study guide because the course comes with its study guide.
  • NavaED Free Webinars – These are 1-2 hour, previously recorded, live webinars that we conducted on Facebook and YouTube. They come with a mini version of the study guide. Our free webinars are AMAZING, especially if you are on a budget. We have free webinars for Praxis and SLLA.