Praxis Test Code

Are you preparing for to take the Praxis Test?

There are a number of Praxis tests you will take if you’re seeking a professional teaching license in any one of the 40 states that use the Praxis tests for teacher certification. Certification and exam requirements vary from state to state. Most prospective teachers take the Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Test, Principles of Learning and Teaching Test, and a subject area test. The subject area tests are aligned to the skills you need to teach a particular discipline and grade level.

The Praxis Core. This exam is like an ACT or SAT; it assesses reading comprehension, mathematics and writing (both grammar and essay).

The Praxis Principles of Learning Teaching. This exam tests your understanding of foundational principles and your ability to apply appropriate practices in the classroom.

Praxis II. These exams vary depending on the area in which you teach. For example, a 7th grade science teacher takes the Middle School Science test; a 12th grade Algebra II teacher takes the Mathematics Content Knowledge test. Subject area exams are often referred to as Praxis II tests because people take the Praxis Core (I) and then a subject area exam (II).