Praxis Core Math Study Guide

Are you preparing to take the Praxis Core Math Test?

The NEW Praxis Core Math (5733)

The Praxis Core Math was recently changed form 5732 to 5733. The test was revised to better represent the skills teachers need to be successful in the classroom. The biggest change in the math was a reduction in algebra and geometry questions and an increase in statistics and probability questions. Most states have moved to the new test, but check with your state to be sure. We go over these changes and the overall structure of the Praxis Core math in this video. 

Math (5733) - You will have 85 min to complete 56 selected response questions that assess a variety of math skills: number and quantity, algebra and geometry, and statistics and probability. 

Want to test your skills? Try the Praxis Core practice test below

Try our free practice test below and measure your skills. Then you can target areas you are weak in. We have many options to help you prepare. Take the practice test and decide how you want to study. You can do it. We believe in you. 

NavaED Praxis Core Resources

Why choose NavaED over Khan Academy? Khan Academy is great, but they focus on overarching skills. NavaED builds study guides specific to the Praxis Core. The practice problems you will see in our books will look similar to the questions you will see on test day. Our resources will help you build your skills so you can be successful on the Praxis Core. We have built the most effective study guides, webinars, and online courses for this exam. 

Study Guides - NavaED study guides include comprehensive skills review and practice in the beginning of each subtest and competency. Our study guides also include practice tests organized by competency with detailed answer explanations. The NavaED Praxis Core study guide is over 400 pages with several hundred practice problems. The full study guide for all 4 subtests is available in physical or digital form. Individual subtests are available digitally. 

Online Courses - NavaED online courses include the digital versions of the study guides, skills videos for each competency in each subtest, additional practice problems, and video explanations for each practice question on the practice tests. 

Webinars - NavaED webinars are 2-hour previously recorded courses. They include handouts the instructor uses during the course. Webinars differ from the online courses: a webinar is a straight 2 hour course while an online course has several different videos, modules, and practice tests. 

NavaED Praxis Core Math YouTube Playlist

We have a ton of math videos on our NavaED YouTube channel. They range from quick 3 min tutorials to full 1-2 hour sessions. You can see more by accessing our YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe and share!