Come to our Professional Education Webinar!

This 2 and a half hour webinar includes:

  • Competency 1 - Instructional Design and Planning
  • Competency 2 - Student-centered Learning Environments
  • Competency 3 - Instructional Delivery and Facilitation 
  • Competency 4 - Assessment Strategies 
  • Competency 5 - Continuous Professional Development
  • Competency 6 - Code of Ethics/Professional Conduct
  • Competency 7 - Research-based Practices for English Language Learners (ELLs) 
  • Competency 8 - Effective Literacy Strategies Applied Across the Curriculum
  • Practice questions and explanations.
  • Q & A

Learn how to navigate the scenarios used on the test. Understand how key words in the question stem can lead you to the correct answer. This webinar covers everything. 

Also available to webinar participants is a $20 digital download of our book (available on Amazon for $35.99).

For more info call 239-207-5755 or email

Here's what people are saying about us:

"Professional Ed. Study guide was excellent!! This helped me do well on the test my first round taking it!" - Andrea Estock

"Amazing class to help us pass the Florida Professional Education Course. Not only did she provide useful tips, but she also included real-life experiences to help us be the best teachers we could be. She was personable and her information was timely. She continually takes the tests to be informed. Highly recommend!" - Dayna Prevost 

"NavaED has given me the tools to pass the general knowledge exam, the subject area exam, and just today, the professional education exam. If you are struggling to get through any of these exams, I would highly recommend working with Kathleen Jasper at NavaED! Thank you for everything!!" - Mary Otto