Welcome University of Tampa Students!

NavaED has partnered with The University of Tampa (UT)  to provide students with effective resources to prepare for the Florida Teacher Certification Exams (FTCE). The prep courses below cover two FTCEs: General Knowledge Exam and the K6 Subject Area Exam. 

The digital courses cover all sections of the exam. Our digital courses include a digital version (downloadable PDF) of the corresponding book. Physical copies of our books are available for purchase. Physical books ship within 2-3 business days. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please email info@NavaED.com or call 239-317-2906.

General Knowledge 


Digital course

Our FTCE General Knowledge (GK) prep course covers all sections and all competencies of the GK exam. 

This digital course Includes: 

  • digital version of the book.

  • Detailed video practice for every section of the exam. 

  • PowerPoints, handouts, and practice.

  • English Language Skills (ELS) 

  • Math 

  • Reading 

  • Essay


Physical Book - 2nd Edition (Most Recent Version)

NavaED 2nd Edition General Knowledge Book (MAILED TO YOU)

Covers all 4 sections of the GKT.

  • ELS - skills and 4 practice tests with answer explanations. 

  • Reading - 6 reading passages and answer explanations.

  • Math - skills and 3 practice tests with answer explanations.

  • Essay - strategy and practice 

K6 Subject Area Exam


Digital Course 

K6 Subject Area Online Courses


  • comprehensive prep for all 4 subtests of the K6 Subject Area Exam. 

    • Developmental

    • Language Arts and Reading

    • Math

    • Science

  • digital version the NavaED K6 Subject Area book.

  • unlimited access.

  • resources for each subtest and competency: videos, PowerPoints, handouts, and practice.


Physical Book - K6 3RD Edition (MAILED TO YOU) 

K6 Subject Area Book

This is a physical copy of the book shipped to you from our offices. 


  • comprehensive prep for all 4 subtests of the K6 Subject Area Exam. 

  • an overview of all the skills assessed.

  • practice tests for each section of the K6 Subject Area Exam.