Professional Education Test Recorded Webinar

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Join Dr. Kathleen Jasper for a NavaED FTCE Professional Education Test Webinar. You will have access to a 2-hour pre recorded webinar for the Professional ED test and the webinar handouts. These are separate from our NavaED book and course. This is NEW material. The handouts include a comprehensive overview of the skills and competencies assessed on the exam and 80 new practice problems. We go over strategy, content, and specific question types.

The webinar provides an overview of the following competencies that are assessed on the exam:

Competency 1 - Knowledge of instructional design and planning

Competency 2 - Knowledge of appropriate student-centered learning environments

Competency 3 - Knowledge of instructional delivery and facilitation through a comprehensive understanding of subject matter

Competency 4 - Knowledge of various types of assessment strategies for determining impact on student learning

Competency 5 - Knowledge of relevant continuous professional improvement

Competency 6 - Knowledge of the Principles of Professional Conduct of the Education Profession in Florida

Competency 7 - Knowledge of research-based practices appropriate for teaching English Language Learners (ELLs)

Competency 8 - Knowledge of effective literacy strategies that can be applied across the curriculum to impact student learning

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